This website is developed to support our book, Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems Technologies, and to offer current information on this subject. (Download Brochure)*

You can order a copy of the book by visiting the publisher's web site.

From this website, you may download the spreadsheets and Power Point presentations on projects, and view web site links that are mentioned in the book. You may also post questions and comments about Onsite Wastewater Management issues that specifically relates to you.

Advanced onsite systems, also called "alternate septic systems," can be used on sites that do or do not "perc;" they offer cost-effective and environmentally-sound solutions for managing wastewater in areas that are not served by sewer and centralized treatment plants. Our book offers information for developers, builders, designers, and anyone else who is looking for answers to their wastewater management questions.

We support and promote use of Managed Onsite Wastewater Systems to address the current and future needs for wastewater management. With adequate management in place, wastewater from your home or business can be treated onsite to a high quality effluent, and the final effluent can be reused or recyled to meet your water supply needs for toilet flushing, irrigation, and/or groundwater recharge.

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